Thursday, February 19, 2009

Success at last!

Okay, so today was round 2 of screen printing. I finally got my screen to burn and wash out properly. I just finished doing the test print and it looks good except there are a few pinholes that are still filled where the emulsion was suppose to wash out. Any ideas on how to get rid of that? I'll have to google it later. I need to work on my "off contact" and maybe linen wasn't the best choice for a sample print but it still looks pretty good.

My incredibly ghetto exposure lamp set up LOL yeah it's my broom stick propped up on 2 chairs and tissue boxes in my VERY small washroom. I plan to build a stand soon.

Shot right after I finished exposing my screen

This is what it looked like after I peeled the transparency away. Ignore the line going across it's an ink stain from a previous print session.

Drying after washing out the emulsion.

Close up after washing!

All dry and ready to print! I took the tape off after I washed it because well, I used painters tape and it was holding water in between the tape and wouldn't dry.

The first print! I should have used retarder base on the ink it was kind of thick and hard to work with. In case you haven't figured it out yet this is a coaster design.

Close up shot. I was worried the letters wouldn't come out nicely but they did!

And if you're wondering why I said that linen probably wasn't the best choice for a test print is because this is what it looks like when you hold it up to the light lol. Kinda hard to see where the pinholes are in your screen.


Tina said...

I love printing on linen. Try adding another pass.

Now I see what you meant by not printing under the r and i. I would just stipple it, very slightly. It would blend right in. But you have to stipple while the rest of the ink is still wet, or it won't blend right.

Tina said...

Forgot to add ...

Nice emulsion work. I'm jealous! The first time I applied emulsion, it wasn't that smooth!

Tara Fortin said...

Second try and it came out that well? Maybe you were BORN to screen print. :-)