Friday, February 27, 2009

I learned a valuable lesson

Don't iron the surface of a screen print after washing because it will burn. lol

Anyways, my test batch is done they look pretty :)

P.S. I kinda like the back side better than the front because it's so simple.


Erin said...

Those are cute!

Sarah said...

Super-cute, Connie!
I love how well you spaced out the different
talk-bubbles :)

Raechel said...

So cute! My recommendation is to iron it but put it on the highest setting before steam and put a cloth in between the iron and the print. It sets the ink so it will not fade. Good luck!

Connie said...

I already set the ink. It doesn't fade at all when washing.. I was ironing it to get the wrinkles out after washing and I guess the iron was too hot.

Ashley said...

those are too cute!!!! I just love your stuff. Everything I look at I want!

Tizzalicious said...

Very cute!

Maybe you should make a set with only one of the speachbubbles in the corner of each of them? Then they would be simple like the back!