Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I did something last night and all the photos on my website don't work. -__- now I have to wait for it to SLOWLY re-upload all the images.

Yesterday I decided to try my hand at stamp carving. I've done it before in elementary school but that was a long time ago! I bought supplies a while back and never really got around to doing it because the holidays were so busy but anyways, it was a fun experience even though it didn't really work out that well haha I wanted to make a giant stamp so I could stamp some post cards but the text was too fine and I suck at cutting so it didn't work out.

the design reversed. i tried to use carbon paper to transfer it to the rubber block but that didn't work so I did it the old fashioned way.

I took a pencil and colored over everything.

Taped it to the rubber block and then used my handy dandy bone folder to burnish the image. Worked like a charm!

Okay, I kinda stopped taking photos after this because the rubber stuff makes my hands all icky and I didn't want to get my camera all dirty. I give props to people who carve stamps for a living! I mean, it's fun but it's time consuming and hard when you have lots of little lines! I think I'll just order a stamp lol... I've been looking at the ones from http://simonstamp.com and they have pretty good prices and free shipping for orders over $40! Just not really sure it would be worth it to buy a post card stamp?


miznyc said...

lol. that's funny C. Sometimes one has to go through the process to really appreciate what another artist does. That's how I feel about PMC. Tried it. Not for me (unless I take a class to learn properly).

p.s. Your stamp link is not working.

Connie from Sweet Figments said...

I always wanted to try PMC but never wanted to make the investment lol