Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Some random photos from the last week.

The rainbow my aunt called to tell me about.

My baby fig.

The bigger figs. It's funny... this isn't actually a fig tree. It's a fig branch that my aunt stuck in a bucket with some dirt and gave us. It decided to sprout leaves and grow fruit haha Oh and you know what else I never knew? Fig trees don't have blossoms they grow fruit like they grow leaves. I can't wait till they get ripe.

Birds eye view of a zucchini plant.

My favorite cherry tomatoes ripening in the vine. Mmmm... they should be ready in a few days.


jeweledrabbit said...

Love the fig plant. LOL

~Kimberly said...

oh how i wish i could grow a vegetable garden!!!

The Tiny Fig said...

i only have a little patch of dirt in my back yard lol tomatoes are the easiest to grow. i got a little plant that was maybe 8 inches tall and now it's 4 feet tall with over 100 tomatoes! you can also grow them in a big bucket.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, your veggies look great!! I wish I had grown more this year. I did grow tomatoes though, but yours are way ahead of mine.