Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Doing the small stuff

I spent today doing all the little things that take me forever to do. I printed and cut sticker labels for my gift boxes and the care instructions, I created bobby pin cards and cut and punched a stack of them, I printed my new stickers which are waiting to be cut, I designed new screens for small coin purses, wrote my address on about 30 envelopes and stuck customs labels on them and there's still lots more to do before the holiday season.

It's amazing that after a year I still haven't invested in an address stamp lol

What are the little things that you hate doing?


Elaine said...

Customs labels are right up there.

My daughter got to stick my address stickers on the envelopes and customs labels I have here (about 50 or so). I found out that as long as the mailer address is visible on the sticker part of the customs label, they don't care if I use my address label. So there we go, stick.

I never find the boxes that fit through the slot of doom at Canada Post so I have to trim some of my regular boxes. THAT's tedious. I cut them on the saw now though.

Drilling the holes in the earring and pin cards and having them scatter...

Sanding and revarnishing beads and pendants with drip marks tops my list though.

maoiliosa said...

you've been so productive!

the thing i hate doing the most is... kinda dumb. it's sealing the -sides- of my pendants. not the top: that's fine! i just hate sealing the -sides-! i guess it's because i always end up getting sealer all over myself at that phase, haha!

Ashley said...

I hate cutting stencils :)

And removing adhesive.

Anonymous said...

Wow, getting ready for the holiday season already...I've got to get my butt in gear!!

I dont' think I'm busy enough to have little things to hate (:

The Tiny Fig said...

maoiliosa, I hate doing that too! that's why I stopped making tile pendants lol.. but I have tons of clay so I might make some for the holidays when the weather gets cooler here.. I hate working with soft putty clay.