Thursday, May 29, 2008


So goals for May:
65 items sold plus 2000 total hearts.
1. spend some time redo'ing some photos
2. spend a little $$ rotating my store
3. finish up my new collection
4. spend some more time networking

I sold about 42 out of 65 items I wanted to but I surpassed my hearts goal and reached 2043! It still totally amazes me to think that 2000+ people know about my shop!

1. I re-did a few photos.. I've been lazy. I hate taking photos.
2. Spent a bit rotating the store. Not really sure that it helped much with sales.
3. I finished up a lot of my dessert charms and made a lot of new earrings.
4. I did a lot of networking this month.. I joined a gazillion bloging sites to help promote the Sweet Figments blog. I took out tons and tons of Project Wonderful Ads.. I think I neglected my shop a little bit while I was getting the blog up and running.. eek..

Overall, May was a pretty relaxed month.. It's time to pick up the pace for June.

June Goals:
1. 50 sales and 2300 hearts.
2. Figure out how to use my new ott-lite for photographing.
3. Promote my shop like crazy to get my sales up again.
4. Look into wholesaling.
5. Continue to promote Sweet Figments.
6. Try to do all this stuff in the least amount of time possible haha
7. Create some new characters :D


Renee said...

You work is fabulous. What do you do to promote your shop?

Tizzalicious said...

Good luck with the new goals! :)

Renee said...

Thank you so much for the information. I really appreciate it. Much luck to you. :)