Friday, May 16, 2008


So some people are crazy obsessed about their hearts and some think that they don't mean anything. For those of you who don't think they mean anything well, THINK AGAIN!

Here's what your hearts mean:
1. All the time you spent promoting and networking is paying off.
2. People like your shop and want to come back to it.
3. There's a possibility that the people who have hearted you are telling their friends and family about you.
4. There's a possibility that people who are looking at someone else's hearts will find you.

In the past few weeks, I was surprised to find out that I've had several sales that came not only from people who heart me but people who found my shop through someone else's hearts, and people who found my shop because of someone who had hearted me told them about me. You never know where your next sale is going to come from so keep your eyes open to the possibilities.

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Diane said...

Oh yes, I agree. I love when I see a new heart on my shop. :o) It's exciting!