Monday, November 9, 2009

Project "Clear Out"

It's official! I like to hoard my supplies. I buy and I buy and I buy.... with no real project in mind and I have a gazillion projects "in the works". Of course I live in Canada where shipping costs and arm and a leg and maybe some organs so destash is out of the question. What to do? This weekend I decided to start project "Clear Out". I seriously need to get rid of all this stuff so until I get rid of a decent amount I will not buy any more supplies unless absolutely necessary (meaning I ran out of it). So, over the next few weeks hopefully you will see new goodies in the shop made from extra charms, polymer clay, felt, yards and yards of fabric, stacks of paper, stamps, screen printing supplies, plastic...... I can't even name all of the different supplies I have. lol these are made from some extra charms I have lying around and are going up in the shop this week.

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Tizzalicious said...

I really need to do this too. I have way too much crap!