Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baker's Market

I've had a lot of sugar and the weekend is not over yet. It started off yesterday when I bought a dozen cream puffs from Beard Papa's and they gave us 2 for free as a Mother's Day special. I ate like 4 of those... yes, I really like cream puffs :P Today my mom and I hit up Baker's Market. It really wasn't what I expected. Other than the fact that it was kind of the middle of nowhere, I was a pretty disappointed to find that the event was held in the back room of some wedding shop and was SUPER cramped and stuffy. I think the place was less than 200sq ft! BUT I did manage to get some goodies and some of the vendors were nice enough to let me take photos :D

Isn't this cupcake so pretty? I love the ruffly frosting!
These are really good. I think I need to learn to make these.

Handmade truffles anyone? These are made by Chef Kev.

These are by cookievonster. Ridiculously cute!

I bought some Mexican vanilla beans from Au Cacao. Never actually used vanilla beans before but I look forward to making some creme brulee and vanilla sugar in the near future!
YUMmmm.. macaroons! Okay, I totally forgot the name of the shop that makes these but they are
SO good. Seriously, I wish I got more.

Whooooooopie Pies from bakesale. I love their packaging.
So simple and so effective!

A burnt caramel macaroon. I really need to try to make these again.
The last time it was like... epic failure.

A mother's day gift for my grandma.

A mini cupcake from bakesale. It was so moist. I wish the frosting was prettier looking. For some reason they all looked very smooshed or like someone flattened them with their thumbs? Nonetheless, I was very tempted to devour the entire box but they weren't for me otherwise I totally would have!


Tina said...

I'm craving cupcakes now. They're my down fall. Luv all flavors and colors.

TBones said...


a Cagey Bee said...

I've never been to the Baker's Market before, but I'd love to go. Your photos make it look that much more enticing. Bizarre that it's held in such a small location though. I was picturing something more like Heritage Hall, you know?

Drooling over the macaroons (& cupcakes & everything else!). A trip to Beard Papas may be on the menu today. haha!