Friday, July 3, 2009

My failed attempted at making macarons

Okay, it wasn't a complete failure. I did manage to salvage a few of them but the first pan burnt, the second was golden brown and the third one was undercooked. I used the recipe from A La Cuisine Baking for 8-10 mins was way too long. I think the perfect time is exactly 7 mins. Anyways, these are the results of the first batch. (yes, I made another batch but it was worse than the first batch. don't ask me how that is possible. it just is.)

whipping eggs + salt until foamy.

add sugar and whip eggs till stiff peaks form!

folding in icing sugar and adding food coloring until it "flows like magma"

filling my homemade piping bag (aka ziplock bag)
all smooth and pretty waiting for skins to form.

rotating the pan
& golden brown macarons.

this is what a burnt macaron looks like
& this is the inside.

the ones I managed to salvage along side the golden brown ones.

I am TIRED. I made blueberry buttercream filling too but I haven't piped them yet.


Apryl said...

as long as the surviving ones taste good thats all that matters right? I have never tried to make them before but have heard tales of them being quite fussy to make

Mellz (less apathy.more cake) said...

As long as some of them came out you didn't fail ;) I love the baby blue coloring!