Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In the mail.

This came in the mail yesterday. I bought to use as a sealant for some pendants I'm working on and gotta say that after squirting out a few blobs and letting it dry, I was a bit disappointed at the results. I know it's not really a sealant but from the photos I found online of other peoples projects, it looked like exactly what I needed. It dries nice and clear but only if you put on a super thin coat. Meaning if you're going for the doming effect it doesn't work because it dries SLOW and when it's completely dry it looks like there is a giant bubble in it. If you put on two coats it just looks messy. I wonder how other people get to to dry so clear without the giant bubble effect. I guess this will go in my list of things that do not work well as sealants. Any ideas on what I should do with it now?


Tina said...

I'd like to get my hands on Diamond Glaze. Is this like DG?

Panda said...

Ouch. :( Lots of people seem to like diamond glaze. I guess that is worth a shot? I've only ever used sculpey glaze so I'm not sure if that would be what you're looking for.