Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I've been thinking...

Since, I have the website temporarily down I was thinking that maybe I should revamp it a bit and make it more functional. I actually thought about re-doing the entire site to make it have more of an appeal to my male clients since the site is all purple but I was totally put off by the memory of how much work I put into it the first time around lol. Besides, 98% of my shoppers are female.

The site is still up because I can't figure out how to redirect the site without deleting all my pages and I really didn't want to wait 3 hours for it to upload when I decide to re-open and then have to go through every single page to make sure all the images uploaded. For some reason there are random images that just don't upload! It drives me insane... So anyways, I just put up a temp index page. You can access the site from here just don't buy anything because I haven't updated what's in stock for a while :P

If you take a look at it right now the earrings section has 7 pages with 9 items on each page and they are all in random order which is nicer than looking at 6 pairs of bread buddy earrings in a row and then 5 cupcakes in different colors and then 5 birds in different colors... I just wonder if it would be more appealing as a customer to have items all sorted and on one page? I was thinking that maybe I should sort my earrings by collection, create drop down lists for items that come in multiple sizes and colors so that it is less cluttered and put everything on one page for easy viewing because you'd rather scroll than click on links to get through all 7 pages right?

I seriously still cannot figure out how to make the google search function work... I tried adding a site map to it but it still doesn't search through my text. . .

Anyways, if you have a chance please take a peek at the site and if you see anything that needs fixing please let me know!


Tizzalicious said...

Some of my links & pictures didn't work either, until I figured out that it's case sensitive sometimes. Maybe that's the problem for you too?

I think sorting them by collection is a good idea!

My google search doesn't work properly either, I think it has something to do with it only searching the pages google indexed, and it doesn't index everything. Pretty frustrating! :S

Connie said...

hmm... all my photos are lower case so I don't think that's the problem. It's kind of random too... like the 1st and 5th photos work but the 2nd 3rd and 4th don't.

i tried to submit the site map so that it's indexed but it still doesn't work and i gave up on it.

Athena's Armoury said...

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I started just finding cleaning product recipes at random websites that I found surfing before my friend Cat (over at The Green Cat blog) introduced me to a book called Better Basics for the Home. It's got tons of recipes for cleaning products, personal care products, even paint and crafty things. It's really an amazing book. Definitely check it out!