Monday, July 28, 2008

Screenprinting Update

OMG... I washed all of my canvas fabric and I forgot about it in the dryer and it totally wrinkled.. what a MESS! I have like 12 yards of it and I only ironed about half of it in the last week... so sad. Anyways, I have some photos but I forgot that I switched up my cam settings to use with my lightbox and they came out blurry. Here they are anyways..
A cloud pattern screen

Bread buddy screen I haven't printed any of them yet the green stain is from printing the photo below.

Branding for my wristlets and pencil cases. Some charms drying after in the back.

Better photos next time!

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Anonymous said...

It's so inspiring to see other crafters process'! I really love these pictures, not matter that they're blurry. It's great to see how you get to the final point. And I just love those little clouds!