Sunday, June 1, 2008

I can't decide what to do..

A while ago I bought a Gocco and it's been sitting in the box ever since I got it and so I thought it would be a good idea to sell it and move on but the thing is... it's freaking heavy and it will cost me about $130 to ship it anywhere. So, I thought about keeping it and making some limited edition prints and well... I'm sitting here calculating the costs of all the supplies.. the screens, inks, coverstock, lamps, and while it doesn't sound like a lot it costs A LOT. Basically my options are.. find someone who's willing to pay the ridiculous shipping price, leave my $450 machine sitting in a box or invest $500 in supplies. The only good thing is that I think I found a local supplier for the coverstock I was looking at buying which would save me tons on shipping and customs.. but I haven't decided. What do I do???


melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

i heard on fromjapanwithlove's blog that gocco isn't going to be making those anymore? maybe i misread or misunderstood that, though. but if so, your machine could be worth a LOT soon! look into that :).

Sweet Figments said...

Yeah I read that too. It makes me want to keep it. haha but I'm sure there's a company waiting in the shadows to take over.

Valorie said...

Maybe list it on your local Craigslist. Someone might be more willing to buy it if they can just meet you somewhere to pick it up.