Friday, February 22, 2008


Being on the front page is like winning the lottery! Well the hearts and views lottery haha Anyways, I am totally exhausted from making this gigantic batch of bunny, chicken, birdie and piggy charms... not to mention 2 batches of the original bread buddy charms and 1 batch of the burnt bread buddies. It took me like a week to do all of them. *sighs* it was a total nightmare because I had to double sand them to get all the fingerprints off!! but they are finished now and should be posted in my shop soon :D

Avatar of the day update:
Yesterday's yellow bunny avatar got 48 views and 1 heart
And here's today's avatar!


KieutiePie said...

I love you!

Cakespy said...

So adorable!!

Nicole Solo said...

Bunny!! I am SO hearting your shop right now :D