Sunday, August 1, 2010

Website Re-Launch

I'm re-launching my website in the middle of August. AGAIN?! yes, again! I know I re-did the site earlier this year but I'm still not quite satisfied with the way it is. The new shopping cart is going to be really clean, functional and more visually appealing. Plus, I will be able to offer better shipping rates, coupon codes and gift certificates (which I am unable to do on the current cart)! YAY! more savings for you!

Why am I telling you this now? Well, I'd really love to build a bigger fan photo section so I'm offering 20% off coupon codes (1 per person) to anyone who submits a fan photo between now and August 15th. The coupon will be vaild as soon as I launch the new site. So, whip out your camera for me and snap a few photos! Visit the current fan photo page for inspiration! Email all photos to

1 comment:

Kym said...

the camera was sitting on the metal bar thing that encloses the patio! ;P

oooo lala! i can't wait for your web relaunch! which shopping cart site did you decide to go with?