Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fab Fair!

I stopped by Fab Fair today to say hello to the local vendors. It was really interesting to see because even though most of the vendors were all selling jewellery they were all unique in their own ways. There tons of pieces there for both the young and the older age groups. Saw a few familiar faces and met a few new ones as well. I hope you all did well this weekend :)

Some super sweet leather journals and pouches from Patina :
Hand pierced jewellery by eloi:
Vintage pieces by House of L:
Hand pierced and casted pieces by Fiona of Filou Designs:
Bought both these rings :)
Crocheted wire pieces by Ebb and Flo:
I have a habit of picking up everyone's business cards... I have a pile that's almost 2 inches thick.
My sweet little birdy ring from Filou.

Some photos are dark.. bad lighting at Heritage Hall! I did my best to brighten them.


Jamie Creason said...

Looks like it was a good show! I love to see other folks set ups! The little rings you bought are darling!! Thank you for sharing!

Cherry Red Studio said...

looks like there were some lovely things at that show!

Filou Designs said...

Great meeting you, Connie =) Thanks for the post!