Saturday, February 27, 2010

Screen printing!

For those of you who don't know I really LOVE to screen print because it's so relaxing and the entire process is so satisfying. Well, a few months ago I was not very healthy and I had to go through a lot of medical treatments in order to get better. It didn't give me much time or energy to the things I love and to even keep my shop up and running was a bit of a struggle at times. Seeing all my screen printing equipment sitting there just made me kind of sad so I packed it all up and put it away.

About a month ago I bought a Yudu Machine and I have been so busy with making inventory for my first craft show, wholesale accounts, just keeping the shop running and the website updated that I didn't even have a chance to open it until earlier this week! I finally pulled all my jars of ink, emulsion and squeegees back out and I am having a lot ton of fun with it! I've made my first screen and have been test printing on various types of fabric and old shirts.

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