Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You always amaze me!

I'm talking about you! All my fans and customers! I love you guys. :) During my 2 week 50% off sale I sold over 100 items! 141 items to be exact! So now that the 2 weeks of celebration are over it's time to draw the giveaway winners from the facebook fan page giveaway and the second giveaway for the customers in both my shops. Thank you so much to everyone who participated!

For the Facebook Giveaway:

#52 winner of the set of coasters is Anna Cross
#11 winner of the 3 pairs of earrings is Jade Lim (we have the same last name but we are not related)
#6 winner of the french toast tee is Becca Jackson

Now for the second giveaway I combined all the purchases from my etsy shop and my web shop by date and time and gave every item purchased a number.

#101 dramainmyhead

Congrats everyone! I hope you enjoy your prizes!

They are finally here! Ghostie Necklaces and French Toast Tees are in the Etsy shop and will be added to the website soon.


Anonymous said...

Very cute Tees!!!

miznyc said...

loving the tee! Any chance you'll do toast with a monacle and 'stache? Congrats on the great sales!

miznyc said...

oh wait I just got the french toast joke. lol. I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes...

Elizabethxoxo said...

love the french toast tee! Congratulations on so many sales!