Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shop The Tiny Fig in CAD and EUROS!

I have been working for the last 2 weeks revamping the site and I am so close to where I want everything to be! I just have to make a few more minor adjustments and hopefully I will be satisfied enough to leave everything alone for a while.

You can now shop in Canadian dollars and Euros! It took me FOREVER to get the currencies added to all the items because I was sick for a week and could hardly get out of bed! I'm really glad I did it. I think it makes the shop more international friendly :)

I have resized ALL the images on the front page and category pages! Seriously, this was a pain!!! but I think the images were way too big before and everything looks cleaner now! Don't you agree?

I've also made a few other changes: I have changed the "new arrivals" link in the left sidebar to "apparel" for when I am ready to list my new tshirts, I have removed all the pages from the categories so now you can "view all" or sort by items (coasters, magnets, etc...) and like I mentioned before I have re-sized all the images on the category pages. I actually still need to randomize the images on some of the "view all" pages but that will be left for a rainy day.

I also spent a lot of time tweaking the shopping cart's features and functions so that customers have an easy time checking out and I get the info that I need. I use Mals E-cart and for some reason every now and then someone will check out and not pay immediately. When they don't pay immediately they can't go back and find the invoice to pay later. What makes it worse is that I don't get an email saying that someone has ordered unless they pay. (Basically, if I don't log into my account I never even knew about this transaction! STUPID RIGHT?). This kind of annoys me so I made a banner and wrote a little blurb explaining it. I tried to type it out incase the banner didn't load for some people but the cart would only let me type 250 characters so I added a link for payment, shipping and return info instead. Would you do me a favor and read my blurb it to see if I made my point clear? Thanks!

I'm so glad that I am almost done everything on my list! I have a few more small details I want to fix such as adding a "go back" or "return" to category page on individual item pages underneath the cart buttons, I want to finish creating pages for the items I don't have listed yet, and I want to figure out how to create dropdown lists so that people can select sizes or length options when they check out!

Gosh, this is a really long post and it took me almost an hour to write it..... I'd love your feedback if you have any :) Thanks for reading!


Tizzalicious said...

Your blurb looks very clear to me :)

And nice work! It took me forever to add the different currencies too!

Connie said...

It was horrible adding all the currency buttons! I got the earrings done and then I was sick for a week and half my shop was in USD only..